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Each week, Power Flowers maintains a variety of different flowers from which we create flower arrangements and bouquets shown on this web site. However, there may be certain circumstances where one or more flowers can not be obtained. We will let you know ahead of time if a particular flower can not be included in a flower arrangement or bouquet. In addition, we will seek your permission to use another flower as a substitute. This page presents some circumstances that may prevent Power Flowers from obtaining a certain flower for an arrangement or bouquet.

Supplier Inventory

Our suppliers usually provide a wide range of flowers that we can purchase. However, due to choices beyond our control, the suppliers may decide for one reason or another to not provide a specific flower for purchase. Ideally, it is best to order about a week in advance of delivery or pick-up. This gives Power Flowers ample time to contact our suppliers, order the flowers contained in the arrangement or bouquet, and obtain them from one or more of our suppliers. If you have left it a bit late to order a flower arrangement or bouquet for an event or occasion, we will suggest substitutes using the flowers that we currently have in stock.

Seasonal Limitations

Many flowers shown in arrangements and bouquets presented on this site are available any time of the year. However, there are other flowers that are only available at certain times of the year. Perhaps the most common example of a flower that is available during a certain period of time is peonies. Generally, peonies are only available during spring to early summer. Power Flowers will clearly convey to you if a flower is not in season.

Inclement Weather

Even when a flower is in season, inclement weather conditions may result in a flower not being available. Since some flowers are grown outside the Greater Toronto area, poor weather occurring in other regions of the world could prevent us from obtaining a particular flower even though local weather conditions may be relatively favourable. Power Flowers will make every effort to inform you of problems obtaining a certain flower due to weather conditions. If possible, we will try to get the same flower from a grower in a different part of the world.

Transportation Issues

Since some flowers are grown outside the Greater Toronto area, transportation delays may result in a particular flower not being available. Note that flowers imported to Canada from other countries are subject to custom checks that may prevent or delay a certain shipment from reaching its destination. If possible, Power Flowers will try to obtain flowers delayed by transportation issues from another supplier.

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