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Paramount (PF-5341)

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Flowers Included: Roses, lilies, statice, heather, and variegated pitt

Colours: Orange, purple, pink, yellow, and green

Category: Businesses > Office Desk

Size: Small

Date Initially Created: April 1, 2015

Florist/Designer: Power Flowers, Toronto, Ontario

Description: Paramount is one of our mini arrangements that features small flower arrangements in a 3x3x3 glass cube vase. This arrangement consists of a combination of fall colours that can be placed on a desk with limited space. Note that heather is only available at certain times of the year. In the event that heather is not in season, it can be replaced by another pink flower such as waxflowers. You can also send this arrangement to a patient in a hospital as it will take little space in their hospital room. Also, mini arrangements such as Paramount can also be used as centerpieces at business and corporate events. A nice choice indeed!

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Roses, lilies, statice, heather, and variegated pitt
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