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Target (PF-5383)

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Flowers Included: Bird of paradise, asiatic lilies, daisies, and waxflowers

Colours: Red, orange, yellow, pink, and green

Category: Businesses > Office Desk

Size: Small

Date Initially Created: October 18, 2015

Florist/Designer: Power Flowers, Toronto, Ontario

Description: Target is a bright and colourful flower arrangement that is part of our mini arrangement collection on the web site. What is a mini arrangement? It is a flower arrangement that is placed in a 3x3x3 inch glass cube vase. These arrangements are ideal for adding a touch of colour to a crowded table while staying on budget. Recently, mini arrangements have been employed as centerpieces at different special events and occasions. In particular, the vibrant colours in Target has made it an extremely popular choice for sending to patients in local hospitals to wish for speedy recoveries. An absolutely amazing selection!

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Bird of paradise, asiatic lilies, daisies, and waxflowers
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