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Asiatic Lily

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WARNING: Asiatic lilies can be harmful to cats and other pets if they are chewed or ingested. Please make sure that asiatic lilies are not placed in an area that can be accessed by pets. If you are presenting or delivering an arrangement or bouquet to someone that owns a pet, it is recommended that you avoid presenting or sending an arrangement or bouquet that consists of one or more stems of asiatic lilies.

The asiatic lily is a beautiful flower that can be used in flower arrangements and presentation bouquets. Unlike other kinds of lilies, asiatic lilies do not emit a scent. Since a stong scent can adversely affect the person receiving flowers or other people in close proximity, Power Flowers prefers the use of asiatic lilies in arrangements and bouquets compared to scented lilies.

Freshly cut asiatic lilies do not appear in their full splendour until a few days after they have been left in the open. Prior to life in normal room temperatures, each stem of an asiatic lily will contain a number of closed buds. In this state, it is sometimes difficult to identify the colour of the lily. After a few days exposed to normal room temperatures, the buds will start to bloom and show their true beauty. This is the point in time where the asiatic lily is mostly used in flower arrangements and bouquets.

When the petals on an asiatic lily look wrinkled, the flower is close to the end of its life cycle. Asiatic lily blooms tend to be quite large, and so only one or two stems are often needed with other flowers to create a full-sized arrangement or bouquet. However, the petals on an asiatic lily bruise easily if even a small amount of pressure is accidentally applied to them. For this reason, asiatic lillies are not a good choice for bridal or bridesmaids bouquets where they may be subjected to different levels of contact on the big day. However, they can be used in other wedding flower arrangements such as altar arrangements and reception centerpieces that are less likely to damage as a result of contact.

Asiatic lilies are available throughout the year. The common colours that are regularly obtained are white, pink, yellow, orange, peach, and red.

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