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Bird of Paradise

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Bird of paradise is a distinctive and beautiful tropical flower that can be used in both flower arrangements and bouquets. They have bright and pointed orange petals.

The head of a bird of paradise is pointed at an angle relative to their straight, thick stems. When the florist obtains birds of paradise from their suppliers, the bright orange petals are encased in the pointed head. Using their fingers and exercising care so as not to snap the head from the stem, the florist carefully brings out the orange petals of the encased head to create a lovely splayed effect.

Since the bird of paradise is a tropical flower, they like warm, humid environments. If the bird of paradise is placed in a room that is relatively dry, the petals can dry out quickly. If the bird of paradise petals are lightly sprayed with water, this may help to extend the life of the flower.

This flower is available throughout the year. In some cases, their availability may be affected by sudden or unexpected weather conditions in their natural growing regions. Note that birds of paradise are only available in one colour and due to their distinctive appearance, it is impossible to replace the bird of paradise in an arrangement or bouquet with another flower that looks anything like it.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Bird of Paradise
Bird of paradise, gerbera, eucadendron, alstroemeria, waxflowers, fatsia japonica, and curly willow
Bird of paradise, snapdragon, iris, kangaroo, gerbera, lillies, solidago, coffee beans, alstroemeria, and daisies
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Bird of paradise, cymbidium orchids, spider mums, rose, alstroemeria, aster and monkey grass
Bird of paradise, cymbidium orchids, lillies, iris, green berries, alstroemeria, roses, and curly willow
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