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Commercial Mum

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Commercial mum is a flower that features a number of small clustered petals that combine to produce a spherical head about the size of a baseball. Since commercial mums stems are relatively thin, one has to be careful not to break the stems. In addition, excessive contact with the head can result in some of the clustered petals falling loose (this is especially the case when the head gets older).

White and yellow commercial mums are natural-coloured varieties. However, white and yellow commercial mums can be colour-dyed to produce a wide range of bright two-tone colour combinations. One can use them in flower arrangements and bouquets, and since their heads are relatively large, a few commercial mums are sometimes needed to create a full arrangement or bouquet (sometimes, white commercial mums are confused with hydreangeas). Note that since some commercial mums are colour dyed, they do need to be kept away from clothing and other materials to avoid stains that may be difficult or impossible to clean. As a result, colour dyed commercial mums should not be used in bridal and bridesmaids bouquets that may come into regular contact with expensive fabrics.

Generally, commercial mums (both natural coloured and colour dyed) are strong flowers that can be used in arrangements and centerpieces that need to be on display for a number of days or for a week or so. As indicated above, they do need to be handled with care to avoid damage to the heads and stems.

Commercial mums are available throughout the year. Power Flowers likes to regularly bring in white commercial mums in addition to the vivid colour dyed commercial mums that add a pop of colour to any arrangement or bouquet.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Commercial Mums
Commercial mum, gerbera, snapdragon, alstroemeria, and variegated pitt
Roses, commercial mum, lily, scabiosa, pompoms, and waxflowers
Rhombus (PF-2661) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
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Commercial mums, snapdragon, alstroemeria, statice, and solidago
Commercial mums, snapdragon, roses, alstroemeria, lillies, statice, and solidago
Contemplate (PF-5794) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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