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Dahlia are colourful flowers that come in a number of different varieties. One of the varieties that is available for purchase has a very spherical head consisting of petals that combine to form a honeycomb-like appearance. Another variety that is also generally available consists of a colourful, circular bloom with a number of petals emanating from a small marble-sized bulb in the center.

Dahlia season ranges from the beginning of July to late summer or early autumn. They can be used to create colourful flower arrangements and bouquets as they come in a variety of colours and colour combinations. The dahlia with the speherical heads are quite strong and can last for over a week if well maintained. The other variety mentioned above comes in a number of vivid colours that are appropriate for the summer season.

During the summer, Power Flowers obtains dahlia when they are generally available from the suppliers. We mostly use dahlia in flower arrangements placed in vases or other containers.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Dahlia
Roses, dahlia, aster, and daisies
Bird of paradise, dahlia, roses, gerbera, lillies, solidago, and fatsia japonica
Hemisphere (PF-5258) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Alstroemeria, coffee beans, solidago, dahlia, and protea
Anthurium, commercial mum, snapdragon, dahlia, asiatic lillies, and eucalyptus

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