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Gladiolus are tall, long flowers with sturdy stems that are great for flower arrangements that need to appear high and tall. For example, they are ideal for wedding altar arrangements that need to be clearly visible from long distances.

On each stem, there are about 10 to 16 blooms that protrude like buds from the stem. Initially, the blooms are mostly covered by a green capsule. However, the tips of the blooms are visible allowing one to identify the colour of gladiolus. Over a short period of time, the coloured blooms expand outside the green capsules to show their full beauty. After the blooms fully open, some of the blooms tend to wilt quickly after reaching their pinnacle. As a result, gladiolus tend to be used more in arrangements for one day events as opposed to arrangements that need to last for about a week or more. Gladiolus are available in a range of different and bright colours including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, and white.

While gladiolus can sometimes be obtained in other seasons, their peak season is summer. Summer is also the season where galdiolus are competitively priced and when a wide range of colours are available. Since they are tall flowers, gladiolus tend to be used more in flower arrangements that need height as opposed to being used in wrapped bouquets.

Power Flowers purchases gladiolus for use in flower arrangements that need height to make them more noticeable in large, open spaces. As mentioned above, summer is the best time of the year for gladiolus, and so this is when we are more likely to have them in stock.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Gladiolus
Gladiolus and alstroemeria
Gladiolus, statice, coffee beans, alstroemeria, and solidago

Gladiolus, osedum, dendrobium orchids, lillies, ginger, coffee beans, and dahlia
Gladiolus, lillies, waxflowers, solidago, and pompoms

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