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Iris is an elegant and beautiful flower that can be used to grace any flower arrangement or bouquet. The most popular colour of iris is a purple similar to the colour of the shirts worn by the NFL's Minnesota Vikings. However, iris is also available in white and yellow, but these colours are not as frequently available throughout the year as the purple iris.

When iris is freshly cut and kept inside the fridge, the head has a shape similar to the top part of a pen. In this shape, iris is not at its prettiest, but it does indicate that the iris has yet to bloom. When iris is taken out of the fridge and placed in water as part of a flower arrangement or bouquet, the iris will bloom to reveal its true beauty. In addition to seeing the purple colour, a bloomed iris also reveals a touch of amber near the middle that is not seen in its earlier phase.

Purple iris is available for most of the year. However, there is a three or four week period in the middle of summer when iris can not be obtained. The hot climate at the peak of the summer season is not conducive to growing iris. When the temperatures taper off in the latter part of the summer, iris becomes available again.

Since the head of an iris is not very large even when it has bloomed, this flower is usually combined with other flowers to make a full flower arrangement or bouquet. However, purple is a very popular colour and is a very good match with pink and white flowers.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Iris
Iris, roses, lillies, statice, and pompoms
Cymbidium orchids, roses, iris, pompoms and greens
Omni (PF-4618) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Omega (PF-2675) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Cymbidium orchids, iris, alstroemeria, pompoms, solidago, monkey grass, and greens
Stargazer, iris, gerbera, alstroemeria, solidago, and red roses
Nurture (PF-7561) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Sentiment (PF-2568) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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