Power Flowers

Wedding Event Details

This section requests general information about your wedding. Power Flowers will use this information to customize floral arrangements to match the unique characteristics of your event.

Season: Select the season when your wedding will take place.

The season will indicate which kinds of flowers may be best for your wedding. Based on this, Power Flowers will make recommendations, but your preferences will always take precedence.

Number of Guests: Select the range containing the number of guests that will attend your wedding.

Power Flowers can satsify your floral needs for the big day regardless of the size of the event. No minimum size is in effect. Power Flowers may use this information to suggest an appropriate wedding package.

Formality: Select the option that matches the formality of the event.

Not all weddings are formal events. Depending on the unique characteristics of the couple, weddings can adopt different themes that stray away from tradition. As a result, the floral arrangements must be compatible with the atmosphere.

Primary Colour: Specify the primary colour of your wedding.

The colour of the floral arrangements should be compatible with the primary colour to achieve the best visual effect. Power Flowers will provide suggestions but once again, your preferences will always take precedence.

Location: Select or specify where your wedding will be held.

While many weddings are held at places of worship and halls, other locations are being used to exchange vows. The type and style of floral arrangements are typically influenced by the chosen environment.