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Celosia are rather unusual looking flowers whose outer-facing wrinkled surface is similar in appearance to a human's brain. However, unlike a human's brain, they are roughly a flat, triangular shape with a soft bristled texture. They are not usually used in wedding flower arrangements or in arrangements and bouquets given for romantic purposes. They are usually combined with other flowers to create flower arrangements and bouquets with a more rustic, rugged feeling.

Even though one may be able to obtain celosia during other seasons of the year, they are mostly available during the summer months. They do come in different colours such as burgundy, orange, and yellow. However, the range of colours available are not as wide or extensive as other flowers such as roses and gerberas. Generally, celosia are relatively hardy flowers that can maintain their overall appearance in a flower arrangement for about a week or so. When used, celosia often draw attention and curiosity from onlookers due to their unconventional look and feel. Since they have relatively short stems, they are mostly used in short or medium height flower arrangements.

Power Flowers purchases celosia for use in flower arrangements when something a bit out of the ordinary is required. Since summer is the best time of the year for celosia, this is when we are mostly likely to have them in stock for purchase.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Celosia
Roses, celosia, gerbera, lillies, daisies, pompoms, eucadendron, solidago, and monkey grass
Celosia, statice, rose, waxflowers, cordeline, and monkey grass
Solar (PF-7550) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Morale (PF-5266) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Delphinium, celosia, gerbera, dendrobium orchids, solidago, eucaplyptus, and aspodestra
Roses, commercial mums, cattails, celosia, waxflowers, monstera, and cordeline
Spatial (PF-1339) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Perception (PF-5799) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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