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Lisianthus is a pretty flower that is sometimes confused for a rose. On each stem of lisianthus, there are about four to six colourful blooms that can be used in flower arrangements and bouquets. In addition to white, which is perhaps the most common colour, one can also obtain purple, light green, and pink lisianthus. There is also a nice two-tone lisianthus featuring a combination of white and purple.

Since they have multiple blooms per head, sometimes only one or two stems are required to create a flower arrangement or bouquet in conjunction with other matching flowers. They are also a good choice in wedding centerpieces and altar arrangements. Compared to some other flowers, lisianthus are not as long-lasting. When lisianthus starts to age, the outer petals on a lisianthus head will start to wilt or deteriorate.

White lisianthus is available throughout the year, with the other colours being available when suppliers have them in stock. Power Flowers maintains a regular supply of white lisianthus, and we attempt to obtain the other colours (especially the white and purple two-tone lisianthus) when generally available.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Lisianthus
Cymbidium orchids, roses, lisianthus, pompoms, monkey grass and variegated pitt
Roses, lisianthus, solidago, and alstroemeria
Relation (PF-5330) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Nimbus (PF-7533) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Gerbera, white roses and lisianthus
Gerbera, lillies, celosia, roses, alstroemeria, ginger, lisianthus, orchids, and sunflowers
Rejuvenate (PF-2526) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Presto (PF-2633) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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