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Snapdragons are flowers that have a very long stem and clustered blooms covering the top third or half of the stem. While white, yellow, and pink snapdragons are the most common colours, other colours of snapdragons are available throughout the year. In particular, one can obtain dark purple, burgundy and two-tone white and pink snapdragons as well.

Due to their long stems, snapdragons are often used to add height to both flower arrangements and presentation bouquets. Altar arrangements and reception centerpieces at weddings often use snapdragons to provide height and greater visibility when viewed from a distance. Since their stems are not usually thick, snapdragons can break if not handled with extreme care.

When snapdragons are at or near the end of their life cycle, some of the blooms on a snapdragon start to exhibit yellow or dark blotches on them. This discolouring is more visually apparent on the blooms of a white snapdragon than they are on the blooms of other snapdragon colours.

Snapdragons are available at any time of the year, but the less common colours such as purple and burgundy may not be currently available.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Snapdragon
Roses, gerbera, lillies, iris, snapdragon, statice, and alstroemeria
Snapdragon, gerbera, alstroemeria, lillies, daisies, and monkey grass
Mission (PF-4793) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Esperanza (PF-5275) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Snapdragon, carnations, pompoms, lillies, and monte casino blue
Snapdragon, roses, thryptomene, alstroemeria, lillies, and monkey grass
Diversity (PF-1278) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Beacon (PF-6533) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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