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Sunflowers are bright and uplifting flowers that have long, thick stems with a large head featuring bright yellow petals and a large black eye in the middle. A collection of sunflowers have a reputation for raising spirits when received in a flower arrangement or bouquet.

Although sunflowers can be obtained throughout the year, summer is the best time of the year for sunflowers as the heads tend to be at their largest. At other times of the year, sunflower heads tend to be smaller and the price is not as competitive as compared to the summer. During the fall season and especially around Halloween, one can obtain sunflowers with petals that have an orange/brown tinge.

Sunflowers are quite strong flowers and if they are maintained properly, can last for a relatively long time. Sometimes, just a few stems of sunflowers by themselves is sufficient as their large heads can adequately fill an arrangement or bouquet.

Power Flowers tends to purchase sunflowers during the summer months for the reasons mentioned above. We are able to obtain sunflowers at other times of the year but since they are often imported from overseas, two weeks notice is required to accommodate the time to obtain them from the farms.

Some Power Flowers Arrangements or Bouquets Containing Sunflowers
Sunflowers, delphinium, roses, snapdragon, solidago, iris, and monkey grass
Astilbe, sunflowers, waxflowers, alstroemeria, lillies, daisies, eucalyptus, solidago, pompoms, and monte casino blue
Flair (PF-3585) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Echo (PF-3593) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

Sunflowers, roses, waxflowers, monte casino blue, and coffee beans
Sunflowers, coffee beans, solidago, orchids, alstroemeria, and monstera
Aura (PF-5523) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery
Idea (PF-1328) Order arrangement for pick-up or Toronto area delivery

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